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Looking for the place where learning development comes together…. Try HTI Catalysts!

Although our primary work is facilitation, HTI Catalysts employs a multi-level approach to doing learning development that allows us to meet the strategic needs of our Client Partners. This approach ensures that we are well positioned to support the in-depth work that is necessary, once embedded within an organization and its teams. Primary elements of our multi-level approach include: 

Our Work

The HTI Catalysts Network

Transformative Facilitation: HTI Catalysts are industry experts in their field working collaboratively to empower organizations by facilitating team-building that provides role clarity, shared understanding and commitment to a shared approach that gets the team to the goal.

Coaching: Our strengths-based approach includes creating intentional opportunities to build ownership, knowledge, and new capabilities while building self-awareness and confidence. We honor each leader’s unique journey and challenge them to work in a deeper way than is typical.

Program Design: We co-construct new and evolving programming and curriculum to meet the needs of the organization and/or the communities they serve. 

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L4J (Learning 4 Justice)


Listening 4 Justice (L4J) is both an experience and a community

The L4J experience is a series of online gatherings.  Youth and adults come together to listen and share stories rooted in personal and collective history that help us see a way forward.  The L4J experience is a robust and compassionate exploration of racial equity and cultural justice that educates, inspires, and helps participants answer the question: What is mine to do?

The L4J community is a collective of youth and adults who have participated in the L4J experience and are committed to listening, learning, and leading for racial healing and cultural justice.  In the L4J community, we care for and support one another through monthly online gatherings, seasonal community newsletters, and special events and initiatives.

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Course and Curriculum Design

Why choose HTI Catalysts for course and curriculum design?

  • Local Expertise: We stay attuned to the pulse of Atlanta’s tech industry, ensuring your curriculum reflects local trends and challenges.
  • Customized Approach: We tailor our services to your specific needs and budget, creating a curriculum that fits your unique context and goals.
  • Future-Proof Learning: We integrate the latest advancements in HTI, preparing students for the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Engaging Experiences: We design courses that are not only informative but also interactive and enjoyable, fostering student motivation and engagement. 

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